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Chunking Information For Better Communication

Chunking information allows you to group complex information into smaller, managable and logically connected/related groups.

By communicating these smaller chunks of information in a logically conncted way, you are able to get your point of view across better.

More importantly, by learning the rules of CHUNKMAPS, your are able to influence and persuade the listener more effectively.

Chunking-up, chunking-down and chunking-across are easy to learn rules which form the basis of the CHUNKMAPS methodolgy.

Chunking information in a logical and connected way will vastly increase your ability to not only communicate effectively but also learn.

Chunking information is not just about breaking information into small usable blocks as most commentators will describe - it needs to be logically connected and have deeper meaning to the whole subject area (domain). CHUNKMAPS provides a framework which is easy to learn and implement and will accelerate your chunking skills to give you better communication skills whether speaking, presenting, writing, marketing or learning.

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