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A Great Template To Convince People

The CHUNKMAPS Template for Persuasion works time and time again. The persuasion template is based around the acronym CHUNKS_OK

This template can be used for PowerPoint presentations, Whiteboards, Discussions, Speeches, Mediation, Selling....In fact it is a really versatile template which, once you learn how to use it, will become a template you use both at work and at home.

great persuasion template chunks_ok


C - Current Situation your audience is in
H - Headaches caused by the current situation
U - Utopia wanted by your audience for the future
N - Next Steps, what should the audience do immediately
K - Knowledge (Why you can help, Why your solution, Why the audience benefits)
S - Solution Overview, describe how you will solve the headaches or what your proposition is
O - Offer, a compelling reason to accept your solution or proposition
K - Knowledge, close with repeating Knowledge (Why You can help, Why your solution, Why the audience benefits)

The CHUNKMAPS CHUNKS_OK template is discussed in more detail in the book, and gives examples of how to use this persuasive template to get your audience to recognise the value you are offering them and to be convinced that you are the person (or business) with the best solution.

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