Introduction To Improving Your
Communication Through Chunking Information

Tony Nudd BA MSc

An Introduction To CHUNKMAPS


Introduction To Improving Your Communication Through Chunking Information

You may feel like your current communication style is just not working.

No matter what you do, people just don't seem to understand what you are trying to say, or do not understand why your ideas should be considered or followed.

You are looking for some tools and techniques to help you get noticed, get heard and get understood.

Take a few minutes to learn about the CHUNKMAPS Method.

CHUNKMAPS is a repeatable process (or method) which expands and organizes your ideas and concepts in a logical and useful visual format.

CHUNKS_OK is a template which brings your Chunk Maps together to form a powerful, logical and persuasive argument. The Chunk Maps form the background information of your essay, presentation, speech, project, report, etc

The Chunk Maps show, in an easy visual format, relationships existing between your information. This allows you to select and order your information in the most appropriate way for your audience. Having the information in a visual layout also allows new insights and related information to become apparent as the Chunk Maps develop.

CHUNKMAPS is an easy to follow method which not only applies to written communication, but also to verbal communication too, and is very effective when influencing people such as when delivering presentations or during mediation/conversations.

The CHUNKMAPS Method teaches you the rules and techniques for highly effective communication skills which maybe applied to your conversations, essays, reports, presentations.

Once learnt, the simple to follow CHUNKMAPS rules empower you to remain in control and steer your audience in the way you decide.

Background Information

The following Wikipedia articles are good as introductory articles with references to the most popular supporting arguments.

Chunk Maps have their origins from the work of G. A. Miller, "The magical number seven, plus or minus two: Some limits on our capacity for processing information" (1956) see Wikipedia - G A Miller

Chunking is often associated with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) see Wikipedia - NLP

The concept of the use of chunks of information in memory systems and human expertise derives from the work of Herbert Simon and Allen Newall see Wikipedia - H Simon

Chunking Information see see Wikipedia - Chunking

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