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The CHUNK MAP Explained

Chunk Maps are the visual representations of your knowledge (or research data) which show the logical relationships between that knowledge and their place in your subject Domain (chosen topic).

The CHUNKMAPS Method can be viewed as a repeatable process (of simple to learn rules), which expands and organizes your ideas and concepts in a logical and useful format.

When communicating to an audience through any medium, you are taking your audience on a Journey of Persuasion. The journey (in most cases) presents your ideas, concepts and knowledge to the audience in a way that will not only bring meaning and understanding of the subject matter but also influence the audience to your proposition.

CHUNKMAPS as a method using easy to learn rules, will empower your communication and enhance your persuasion techniques.

What is a Chunk

A Chunk is a word or phrase or concept or idea.

By applying the CHUNKMAPS visual techniques of Chunking UP, Chunking DOWN & Chunking ACROSS a matrix of relationships builds up forming logical layers. Nearer the top gives a general broad sense of the information, and moving towards the bottom of the maps gives the specific detail and examples.

It would be normal to have a number of Chunk Maps making up your research information. Example CHUNK MAP

The simple Chunk Map below shows that we started with the Domain (discussion topic) of "Border Security" and the start Chunk "Food". We then applied the CHUNKMAPS techniques and created the Chunk Map which visually shows our research information and the associated logical relationships.

chunk map example

The important factors to note are the Chunk Levels (horizontal layers) and the relationships between the Chunk Levels.

CHUNK, The Game
This CHUNKMAP could also be the result of playing CHUNK the information chunking game. Participants would have been given the Domain (Border Security) and the start phrase/word (Food). From there, the CHUNKMAP would have evolved as participants provide different Chunks to build up the full map. Typically each team/individual would end up with different maps as they bring their own unique insights and understanding to the Domain/subject area.

Once we have our CHUNKMAPS we can use them as the basis for writing our essays, or design our presentations etc. By following the order of the Chunk Levels take our audience on a Journey of Persuasion".

It would be normal to have a number of Chunk Maps for your project/topic.

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