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Tony Nudd BA MSc

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Tony is the author and creator of CHUNKMAPS - a method for enhanced communication and creativity.

Tony gained a Degree in Theology at Sheffield University, and then a Masters in Computer Science.

Tony is also a Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and a member of the Australian Institute of Managers (AIM).

Tony's background is Business Process Management (BPM), consulting extensively throughout Europe, India, South Asia and Australasia.

While consulting on many varied projects including Banking, Insurance, Education, Legal and Government his insights into communication techniques between differing individuals, from differing cultures and differing knowledge levels, were learnt in the real world.

Chunk Maps have their origins in NLP and the concept of "chunks" in memory systems derived from the work of Herbert Simon, an authority in congnitive psychology. Chunk Maps have now been expanded into a full communication methodology which can be easily learnt and applied to both your business and personal life.

Having to present information to audiences of mixed ability, skill, intelligence and education meant that the knowledge communicated had to be done so in such a way that it was understood easily by all.

CHUNKMAPS is a re-useable methodology to assist anyone to communicate and persuade, at the right level, to ensure knowledge transfer is achieved in the way it was intended. CHUNKMAPS can be used in both spoken and written communications whether to an audience of one or thousands.

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ChunkMaps 1st Published: 2nd April 2002

ChunkMaps eBook Published: 1st February 2018

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