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Tony Nudd BA MSc

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Chunk Maps will enhance your powers of communication, persuasion and creativity

- Do you find it hard to talk and get through to some people ?

- Have trouble creating sharp slick understandable presentations ?

- Always seem to lose the argument and not get your point across ?

- Lack of creativity in your essays and written work ?

- Cannot seem to "sell" your ideas, products, services ?

If you are having problems being able to communicate effectively and persuade people to you way of thinking, then this may be:

- Negatively effecting your career progression,

- Negatively effecting your ability to sell (products, services or ideas),

- Negatively effecting the balance in your relationships,

- Negatively effecting your ability to lead your team,

- Negatively effecting you by holding you back from accomplishing the things you want to achieve

You want to be in a position where you can:

- LEARN to argue logically and stay in control of conversations, debates and arguments

- CREATE essays in a logical, easy to follow format, understandable to all your audience

- LEAD and manage a team where your ideas and decisions are received and executed

- COMMUNICATE effectively with both "high level thinkers" (e.g. artists) and "low level thinkers" (e.g. technicians)

- MEDIATE and bring resolution to conflict situations such as meetings, debates and arguments

- INJECT creativity, new learning and deeper understanding into your presentations and written work

- PERSUADE your audience to get your point across and have others agree with you.

Please take a few minutes to view this CHUNKMAPS website and consider the CHUNKMAP Template For Persuasion and the easy to learn CHUNKMAP method and techniques.

I have been using the CHUNKMAPS method for many years now in my role of Personal Coach and as a Technical Sales Consultant. I use it constantly on a daily basis both at home (with my teenage children), in meetings at work (to get my ideas accepted) and with my customers (to convince them my solution is better for them than the competition).

Once you start using it, you will kick your self for not knowing about it sooner. The CHUNKMAPS method is easy to learn and to apply to your home and professional life.

The CHUNKMAPS Method will provide you with powerful tools to apply to your conversations, your written presentations, your reports, your essays, your whiteboard sessions, your selling scenarios. You will see how it can be used in many different situations where you need to present your ideas and persuade people to you way of thinking.

The CHUNKMAPS Template For Persuasion

This is a reusable template offering a formula for persuasion read more

Reusable Template For Persuasion

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